About Brian H Neely

I’m not a travel photographer. I’m a nomad. I live someplace for a few years, grow to love it, its people, its places, its way of life, and while I’m there, I take pictures of my home. Thousands and thousands of pictures. These are a few of them. My favorite subjects are landscapes – especially mountains and forests – roads and paths, flowers, cities and towns, collapsing infrastructure – especially ancient ruins, but I’ll take a boarded-up store front or flooded road, too – and the odd vignettes that make each place unique amongst all the things under the sun.




Friends tell me that one of the things they appreciate about my work is that I make everything personal and intimate. Whether it’s a macro of flowers, or a detail of a machine, a section of a path, or a landscape that seems to show all of southern Utah, you’ll feel that you’re in the picture; you can smell the hot sand, feel the flowers, hear the machinery. 

If you need some photos to decorate your home or office, send me an email. We can set up a video call to work out what you’re looking for. I’ll make a presentation based on colors, subjects, or locations, and if we can get to what you want, we’ll agree on terms, and you’ll have your prints within a couple weeks. And if you just want one of my pictures optimized for your screen, ask me for it, I’ll set it up for you, no strings attached.