Wine Hose, Balatonlelle, Hungary

Wine Hose

Wine Hose

Most of us, when we think about wine, think about the bottle, the crystal glasses, the barrels and vats in the cellar, maybe the grapes on the vine. We don’t often think about the complex process of manufacturing a food product, all the equipment needed, the set up and the cleaning, or the hauling barrels around.

At the time I made this hose picture, I was thinking, ‘Cool. A nice, simple, curving hose against the lines of the floor.” But as I’ve lived with it, and worked on it, and thought about it, this has come to represent for me the purpose of the whole project. It’s a piece of equipment you almost never think about, and when you go on a winery tour it’s usually tucked away somewhere, so you don’t see it, but without it, getting pressed must from the presser to the vat would be monstrously challenging.

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