Wine for a Year: Raining Beauty

Raining Beauty

Raining Beauty

There is something about farmland that calls us. Well, it calls me, anyway. I’m out away from the city. I can listen to the close sounds of birds, and the quiet, distant sounds of tractors, and on this day, the sound of rain tapping on my hood and dripping from last year’s vines.

Kony├íri Pince were pruning their vines in preparation for the spring growth spurt, and I went out to photograph the process. It lacks the sexiness of harvest and pressing and tasting, but without it, the vines don’t produce as many high quality grapes as they could.

And I love rain. Rain is beautiful. It makes everything soft and shows off distances by distorting them. It makes everything shiny. And, of course, without rain, no green, no plants, NO GRAPES! and that would be a tragedy.

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