Wine for a Year: New Bottling

New Loliense

New Loliense

(continued from yesterday)

So shooting outside in the high winds was a bust, and I went inside. Dáni showed me his new bottles of white Loliense blend, and I started looking for shots. I wanted to capture the magical feeling of being surrounded by mountains that smelled like fermenting grapes. I love that smell. In addition to the mountains, I needed to show the rows and rows of accidental geometric patterns that the stacked bottles made.

I got 4 photos, and then the storm knocked the power out. Except for some light spilling in from windows high up in the fermenting room, it was black in the warehouse. Nóra, Dáni’s assistant, used the icon screen of her cell phone as a flashlight and led the way out of the warehouse. It was a little disappointing, but I do like the few shots I was able to get.

I picked up the case of wine I’d bought and headed back to Budapest. About halfway home, the wind was joined by rain, and it felt like November in Seattle. I would have liked a longer shooting day (I’d made it home in time to meet my wife for lunch, which was a bonus), but you take what you can get sometimes.

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