This is going to shock you…no photo. I'm going to be separated from my laptop and fleet of external drives for a few weeks as we transition to our new post. I'll probably spend some time ruminating from the Netbook along the way.

Today's post, then, is a plea to visit I've decided that it's time to take control of my minor fiefdom in hopes of making it a major fiefdom, and maybe even a kingdom or Empire of Photographs eventually. Currently there are 20 photos available for purchase, all of them from Greece. I have 8×10's, 11×14's, 16×20's, 20×24's and greeting cards. I use paypal for my payment process.

Go to and buy some cards, or an 8×10, or a nice, massive 20×24. And if you want to see a favorite photo on the site, let me know, and once I get reacquainted with my laptop and such, I'll get it uploaded. And once we get to our new post, be prepared for some amazing photographs.

Thanks for watching

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