The Coolest Cellar I’ve Seen So Far, Dobogó Pince

In the Cellar, Dobogó

In the Cellar, Dobogó

So I’ve started to write a post three times now. I’ve got nothing really to say, at least not that I can write in the time I have available today.

This is in Dobogó Pince, a Tokaj winery which produces Satöbbi, an aszú wine. It’s a fruity, sweet wine that makes me very, very happy. Incidentally, “satöbbi” is the equivalent of “yadda, yadda, yadda,” in English.

The design of the cellar, with the lights shining through the wine bottles, is extremely well done at Dobogó, possibly the best I’ve seen.

So sit back, look at this photo, and enjoy a nice glass of sweet wine.

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