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Beautiful: Diagonal Rail

You wouldn’t know it to watch me cook, or to look at my stacks of books, piles of papers, or by the clothes I wear, but I love minimalistic photos. I like having a single important element, and making my … Continue reading

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Photo from the World: Moonrise over Port Ellen

You cannot, as a landscape photographer, ever title a piece “Moonrise …” without wondering if it lives up to Ansel Adams’ snapshot entitled “Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico.” Adams? A snapshot?! That’s right. He’s blasting down the highway, sees the scene, … Continue reading

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Beautiful: Ardbeg

This picture is from the end of a long morning of whisky tasting on the Scottish island of Islay, in the Hebrides. It’s famous for the smoky, smoky whiskies. We were staying in Port Ellen, and Ardbeg was the third … Continue reading

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Winter in the Highlands

I may just have to start carrying around a piece of warped or oiled or watered glass. This is a look I’ve been working to achieve through the modern traditional means of distorting images in Photoshop, using filters, texture layers, … Continue reading

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