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Beautiful: White Flowers

Flowers. I love flowers. I’m sure I’ve told you this before, but I think it bears repeating. What’s so great about flowers? Everything. First, there’s the sheer beauty of the things. They come in a range of pretty much every … Continue reading

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Beautiful: Forgotten Obelisk

I love the word “obelisk.” It has a beautiful flow to it, and it describes only one thing. When I say it, especially as I think about it in obsessive depth as for a blog post, the beginning “oh” lasts … Continue reading

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The second in my week of weather is fog, which cloaks, but it can also reveal. In this case, I think the fog makes the weeds in the parking lot a little more poignant. It helps reveal that, though the … Continue reading

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Rain, Hanover, Pennsylvania

After some struggle, I found a theme for this week – weather. It’s a cold, rainy, snowy day in Budapest, and after going for a run in the chilly morning, weather was much on my mind. This photo is from … Continue reading

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Small-Town America, Irwin, PA

© 2007 Brian H Neely Though I grew up on the West Coast, in a smallish town outside of Seattle, this photo of Irwin, Pennsylvania, about as far from Pittsburgh as my home was from Seattle, is representative of home. … Continue reading

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