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Ak Yum, Siem Reap, Cambodia

When you visit Siem Reap, Cambodia, you are virtually required to visit Angkor Wat to see the sunrise. I’ve done that before, so on this trip I wanted to see something else. I spent my sunrise time completely alone at … Continue reading

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Fennel Closeup (2nd version), Studio, Falls Church, VA, USA

Here's a different version of the fennel from the other day. I thought about making it b&w again, but decided I liked the lush greenness of it. My goal in the processing was to achieve something like the greens and … Continue reading

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Mushroom Closeup, Studio, Falls Church, VA, USA

Do you want to know about the process, or do you just want to look at a portobella mushroom? I'll just leave a little room for you to think about that. The process – I shot 5 images, from -2EV … Continue reading

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Snowscape, Hanover, PA, USA

I'm very proud of this photo. Through the magic of HDR, I was able to get this amazing image that looks like it might have been shot at night or in the studio, but was in fact shot about an … Continue reading

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Snow on Roof, Hanover, PA, USA

You know what HDR is? It's digitized Kodak Tech Pan 25. THAT was a film. Black so dark you felt you were really seeing it for the first time. White so pure and clean a bridal veil could be made … Continue reading

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