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Wine for a Year: New Bottling

(continued from yesterday) So shooting outside in the high winds was a bust, and I went inside. D├íni showed me his new bottles of white Loliense blend, and I started looking for shots. I wanted to capture the magical feeling … Continue reading

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Beautiful Photo: Twisting Stairs

I like stairs. I like the lines they make, and the metaphor for climbing toward a goal. And I particularly like it when they give me so many different angles in one frame. No more words for today.

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Untitled, Studio, Seattle, USA

Just a nice abstract bit of abstractness. If you want to guess at what it is, there are clues within the photo that might lead you to it.

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Squashed Orange, Athens, Greece

Walking in the rain with a borrowed IR-enabled DSLR (see how much you've learned since yesterday's post), I saw this flattened orange in the gutter. It needed shootin'. I spent a couple minutes trying variations of composition and exposure before … Continue reading

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Monastiraki in the Rain, Athens, Greece

We've had an insane amount of rain this year. I've heard Greeks say that we got as much as 15 years worth of rain in September and October. I don't think it was that much, but we did get enough … Continue reading

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