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Beautiful: Low-Key Still Life (Flowers)

On the recent trip through Central Europe, one of the places we stayed had low-key, black & white still lifes of random household objects, and I thought I should play with that a little. Now, I’ll admit, this photo is … Continue reading

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Beautiful: Rose

Georgia O’Keeffe knew it. Legions of poets have known it since the beginning of time, and I’m sure that with a little work, I could name someone other than Shakespeare. Flowers are sexy. Orchids are beautiful, but somewhat terrifying. Roses, … Continue reading

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Beautiful: Dandelion Trio

I know, because my parents fought an epic, though losing, battle in our yard, using a variety of tools and chemicals, to eradicate them, that dandelions are flores non grata for many people, but I’ve never understood that. The flowers … Continue reading

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Beautiful Photo: Crocuses and Shadows

Have I told you yet this week how much I love flowers? Sometimes I see them as O’Keeffe did, all exotic and erotic, and other times, I just get lost in the details. With these crocuses, I wanted to crawl … Continue reading

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Lesson: Apertures and Shutter Speeds: Part I: Science and Philosophy

I was stumped for a subject for a post recently, so I put out a quick call on my personal Facebook for questions. And right off, of course, I was asked about aperture, shutter speed, and such, by a couple … Continue reading

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