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Doors in the Fortress

I have lately had the opportunity and drive to go back and look into photos that I have known had something good to them but have been unable to achieve the look I wanted. This is one of those. The … Continue reading

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Gate of Agamemnon’s Palace, Mycenae, Greece

From “Agamemnon,” one part of the Oresteia trilogy by Aeschylus   O gods, free me from this awful task! For one full year I’ve been stuck up on this tower of the Atreidae, crouched on my haunches like a dog. … Continue reading

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Archaeological Site, Stobi, Republic of Macedonia

What I like with this is the painstaking reconstruction of 2nd C CE electrical lines at the edge of the site. My apologies to those who visited this the first couple of days it was up. The town is called … Continue reading

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