Spoleto, Italy

Spoleto_street  Spoleto was a beautiful city, even in the rain. The muted colors and softness that rain provides made the city less dramatic than others had been, but the walkways off this main street into people’s courtyards were particularly inviting, with a lot of green potted plants. The rain also somehow brought out the sadness of the grime of industrial life, which I hadn’t seen other places. It reminded me a lot of St. Petersburg, Russia.

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2 Responses to Spoleto, Italy

  1. Robin says:

    This is one of my favorite pictures of yours yet! I have you in bloglines so I see all of them and am having so much fun looking at them. You are truly talented!

  2. BH Neely says:

    Thanks! It’s always nice to hear that. I’m glad you like the pictures.

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