Red Hut, Dolomites, Italy

Red Hut

Last weekend I took a trip to Cortina d’Ampezzo, in the Dolomites, a particularly rugged section of the Italian Alps. While there, I braved temps around -15ºC (just above 0ºF), and a constant wind to do some sunrise photography. I learned that fingerless gloves without a liner were inadequate for the situation, and when shooting series of images for HDR when the wind is blowing, it’s critical to add weight to the center post of your tripod. In nearly every series of 5 that I shot, at least one frame is a millimeter or so out of alignment, and in some of them, all 5 images are off. Frustrating, but the base exposures are good, so it’s not an unrecoverable situation.

This picture, shot looking to the south, is one of my favorites from the morning. The clear mountain air, the lack of marked ski runs, and the little red hut in the lower left all combined to make Brian a happy photographer. I’m somewhat conflicted about it, though. Personally, I’d like it better if the slopes were in shadow and the background mountains lit up, but there’s something to be said for bright slopes, while the mountains stand back and allow them to shine. What do you think?

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