Photographer Profile: Andrew Caballero-Reynolds

I first met Andrew in a Skype conference call to talk about the possibility of doing a traveling exhibition of photography about the world that Andrea, a good friend of mine, had in mind. The project never came together, but Andrew and Andrea did, and now they’re married with two beautiful children.

Andrew’s a photojournalist, with a great eye for composition, the skill to make people comfortable, and an ability to turn from the primary job at hand to make beautiful art photos. He shoots sports, protests, and all manner of photo essays with clarity and sensitivity. I once had the chance to watch him edit a photo shoot, and his speed at keywording, captioning, and deleting useless images blew my mind. Especially the keywording and captioning, because that takes me forever.


Taj Mahal and Agra (c) Andrew Caballero-Reynolds

Taj Mahal and Agra (c) Andrew Caballero-Reynolds

His photo of the Taj Mahal rivals my own for my favorite of that iconic site. Shooting across Agra gives you a great sense of its place in the city, and the smog lends a painterly quality to the mausoleum. It almost looks like a painted backdrop for a movie set.

I’m frankly afraid of protest photography, but Andrew seems to love it (he just lost a lens this weekend covering a protest!). I would love not to be, but I’ve been arrested/kidnaped by Cossacks, threatened with arrest by various military and police organizations, and sternly talked to by a Hell’s Angel just for my regular sort of city scenics. In a protest situation, I’d probably get beaten up, pepper-sprayed, rubber-bulleted, or worse, by both sides. Andrew, though, appears to have no fear. I admire that. When you go to, be sure to look for his protest portfolio. Also, check out his collection at Getty Images.

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