Photo from the World: Sunrise, Bali

Two! new things in one post! You’re thrilled right out of your seat now, aren’t you? Sweet! (I spent this past weekend at both British Summer Time in Hyde Park, and at Sonisphere in Knebworth, UK – a heavy metal fan’s dream – and I took some lessons from Ozzy, Bruce, James, Tom, Sebastian, and a host of others. So to combine what I’ve learned, “Yeah! Let me see your **** hands! Scream for me Internet! I can’t **** hear you!”)

Not that there’s a bit of heavy metal in this photo. So, Brian, what’s new?

First, I’ve begun selling my work at (–Brian-H-Neely-%252D-Photographer), so if you’re working on a home design project, or you’re an interior designer, follow me at that site, and I’ll hit the follow button in return. So for a week or so, I’m going to post images here that I have there (and, of course, the link, though, frankly, you should also feel free to buy directly from me, but just ’cause you’re my friend).

Second, and hopefully it’s something you don’t notice at all, I’m trying out a new cross-posting plug-in. The one I had been using stopped working, and efforts to make it work again, make it seem to me that they’ve disappeared from Virtualia. So, good-bye Wordbooker, hello new plug-in (not gonna use its name until I know I like it).

But enough of all this. “Let me see your **** hands out there! I’m gonna post one for you called ‘Sunrise, Bali!'” I’m a morning person. Didn’t used to be, but I’ve adapted. For me, 5:30 or 6 is when the day starts, even on vacation. Even if I was up ’til 10 or 11 having dinner at the Sanur Night Market (which you absolutely have to go to if you visit the Sanur/Denpasar area of Bali). So what do you do when your hotel has a private stretch of beach? Duh, sunrise pictures.

I was out in the humid, not-yet-hot morning for a good long time. I tried photos of only the sea and sky, photos to the NE to capture Gunung Agung rising out of the gathering storm clouds, shooting straight south down the beach with just a little pastel orange at the edge of the frame, dozens of sets of 5 different exposures of one scene to get material for HDR composites…and let me tell you, that’s a lot of painfully average frames to wade through.

This one, though, this one made me stop, every time I went through the full set of 173 pictures I’d shot in 47 minutes. It was the 20th frame, and shot in the first minute and a half. Had I known at the time, I could have laid on a beach chair and waited for the cafe to open and get a cappuccino. But I wouldn’t have. I love the shooting, the looking for a new angle, for a shot that NOBODY has ever shot before. Sometimes, I even get one like that.

If you sleep until 7, the sun will be full up, it’ll be hotter than hell, and you won’t have watched the sun rise. Lucky for you, there’s me.

Gazebo, BaliAnd that promised link is×24-fine-art-color-photograph-traditional-originals-and-limited-editions.


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