Photo from the World: Blackhawks in Budapest

Blackhawks & Buda Castle

Blackhawks & Buda Castle

One of the great things about being married to a diplomat is that I occasionally get phone calls like the one I had last week…”Brian, are you free tomorrow at 11 and 1? We’re putting together a Blackhawk flyby, and we’d love for you to take some pictures of it. From the roof of the (Famous International Hotel Chain, located on the bank of the Danube). We can’t pay you.”

Money? Like I’m any good at getting that sweet green stuff, anyway. Of course I’ll stand in the howling wind on the roof of (FIHC, lotbotD) and take some pictures.

In my time in Afghanistan, I flew in these a few times – the first was my first helicopter flight, and I was in the side seat, and the doors were off. Another time we had the doors closed, but we were escaping a mortar attack. Despite my fear of heights, I’ll take doors off and nobody shooting over the other, any day.

I so associate Blackhawks with dust, that it surprised me when there wasn’t a huge cloud of dust getting kicked up as they passed over the river. Funny what you think about and notice sometimes.

Another funny thing, I hate war. I hate weapons. I’m pretty sure the only reason we “need” weapons is that we’re worried that the other guy has weapons. And why have a tool if you’re not going to use it? How many wars have been started simply because we have a kick-ass new hammer that needs a nail to pound? But, damn if I don’t love Blackhawks. They are beautiful, powerful and make a singular silhouette against the sky.

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2 Responses to Photo from the World: Blackhawks in Budapest

  1. One day, we’ll all get paid for our skills and artistry. 🙂

    • Brian Neely says:

      That getting paid part requires work. The story of getting discovered and making it rich are nice, but people generally don’t get discovered unless they’re working their asses off to do so. Something I haven’t done very well to this point.

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