Mt. Baker from Puget Sound

Mt. Baker from Puget Sound

Mount Baker with a clear sky and a little fog from the ferry crossing between Friday Harbor and Anacortes.

Mount Baker is a gorgeous, superlative volcanic cone in the North Cascades. It’s the snowiest place on Earth, holding the record for most snowfall in a single season at 1140″ (2900 cm), and one of the youngest and most geologically active in the Cascades. Mostly, though, we love it because it’s beautiful. And there really is no place more beautiful than the Cascades on a sunny summer day.

This particular photo vexed me. I wanted to make it look a little old and faded, and as happens sometimes, the more work I did, the further I got from a good photo. I started with some basic adjustments to increase the contrast, and punch up the blue a bit. Then I ran it through grain process to make it look like it had been shot on an older film stock, and enhanced that by throwing on a faint, hazy yellow layer. After that, I started playing with texture layers, using images I’ve shot just for that purpose. The texture layers ideally would give depth to the image, and in this case, maybe make it look like it’s been under glass too long in a bright room. Unfortunately, they just served to muddy the image, and that’s no good at all. In the end, I stuck with the grain and the yellow, and will use texture elsewhere.

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