Gate of Agamemnon’s Palace, Mycenae, Greece

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From “Agamemnon,” one part of the Oresteia trilogy by


O gods, free me from this awful task! For one full year I’ve
been stuck up on this tower of the Atreidae, crouched on my haunches like a
dog. I have come to know every single star in the night sky, the whole twinkling
mob that arcs over my head with the seasons. And still I wait, hoping to spot
another light, an earthly one – the signal fire from Troy, heralding its fall.
Those are my orders from the queen, her woman’s heart steeled by a man’s

Notes: Atreidae, or Atreides (if you're a reader of Dune) refers to the descendants of Atreus, Agamemnon's father.

This palace was built sometime in the 18th or 17th C, BCE, before the Trojan War.

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