Emporio, Milos, Greece


  One of the best things in traveling is staying at a small hotel and getting a recommendation from the owner about where to eat, where to see the very best sunset and so on. Anezina told us about Emporio, so we went.

What you are looking at is the road into and out of Emporio, on Milos. The drive there included a few miles of dirt road that stained our car red for the rest of the trip. As we got out of the car at the taverna, where our table was as close to the water as the car is in this picture, I heard the jangle of goat bells. On the menu they had roasted goat, and it seemed to me that if I couldn't get good goat here, I couldn't get it anywhere. It was, without a doubt, one of the 5 best plates of meat I've ever had. And all I needed to do to get it was drive on the edge of the sea.

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