Dust Storm

A Saharan dust storm fogs in Athens, Greece after crossing the Mediterranean Sea.

Now, normally, I wouldn’t consider dust a form of weather, but this is special dust. Three days ago, it was just sitting around the desert in Egypt, minding its own business. Then the wind kicked up a scirocco*, sending the dust hurtling northward, across the Mediterranean Sea and into Greece. Pretty impressive when you think about it. The dust comes in, fogs in the city for a day, and then moves on. Well, the wind peters out, and the dust, having nowhere to go, blankets everything and becomes Greek sand. Sometimes the dust can be very thick, and heavy, coating your skin and getting into your lungs. Visibility is a good 5-8 miles in this photo, so it isn’t all that bad.

*I can’t write or think about sciroccos or desert winds without humming a few bars of Spinal Tap’s “Clam Caravan:”

The wind has a name in the desert
But it’s barely known
(Barely known)

Yesterday: Snow
Tomorrow: The most beautiful sunset I know

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