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Rock Climbers in Snowdonia

I was disappointed in not being able to see Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales at 1085 m (3560 ft), but we had a beautiful drive through the park. This was the most photogenic area, on a foggy morning, with … Continue reading

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Reflections of a Forest, Evan’s Creek, USA

I think I first did this with a reflection photo from Angkor Wat, and it’s quickly becoming a signature move (kind of like Jake “The Snake” Roberts’ DDT maneuver in pro “wrestling”). It’s an amazingly simple thing, but done well … Continue reading

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South Hills Golf Course, Hanover, PA, USA

My father-in-law works part time at South Hills. This gives me a lot of opportunity to ride around the course, taking pictures. I've always liked the symmetry of this set of bunkers as they move up the slope of the … Continue reading

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Deformed Ball, Athens, Greece

A curious thing happens in sports photography. I've heard of it, but never experienced it myself with slow sports like basketball (I got to shoot a NASCAR race a couple years ago, and experienced it at ridiculous speed). The ball … Continue reading

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The Patron Saint

My wife is apparently the patron saint of soccer hooligans. Who knew? Oh, you want the story? In 1966, a fight broke out at Gate 13 at Panathinaikos Stadium and some people died (at least, this is how I’ve heard … Continue reading

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