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Coming Back

I had a long, dark period in which my camera became a paperweight that mocked me. I’d look longingly at my camera bag, trying to muster a creative thought to make seeking photo opportunities worthwhile. A creative fire that had … Continue reading

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Beautiful: Jungle Reflection

There are few places I like more than Angkor Wat in Cambodia. I love these temples that were built over a few hundred years, fell into disuse as the Khmer civilization disappeared, and collapsed into the jungle. Though local farmers … Continue reading

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Reflections on Reflections

  Photographers loooooooove reflections, but I’ve been working to take them a step further. It started with a shot of the Taj Mahal on an insanely hot May day during a drought. The Yamuna River was extremely low, and there … Continue reading

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Danube Reflection, Night (?)

Not many words for this one. I’ve been looking at pictures off and on all day, and I’m losing perspective. It’s part of my new fascination with really playing with reflections. The question mark in the post’s title is because … Continue reading

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Lighting I: Sol

When I write my blog, I generally just sit here and start typing. Sometimes I start with the photo and build words from that, while other posts start from the words and then I find the photo I need. The … Continue reading

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