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A Wine Filled Year book cover

As these things happen, ideas get modified. You put something out, you collaborate with people, they make suggestions. Sometimes, your ideas are solid, and your vision is complete, and you know it’s great, so you consider the suggestions, weigh them … Continue reading

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Making a Book Is Hard

I’ve talked a lot about my Wine for a Year project. I’ve posted a good numberĀ of pictures about it. I had thought I might do a book, so I wrote an intro to the project. And then, when I discovered … Continue reading

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Beautiful: Forgotten Obelisk

I love the word “obelisk.” It has a beautiful flow to it, and it describes only one thing. When I say it, especially as I think about it in obsessive depth as for a blog post, the beginning “oh” lasts … Continue reading

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Project: Something New

Life is an incredibly interesting place. You never know what’s around the next corner, and you don’t know if it’s something beautiful or awful or revelatory. I recently got to stumble into something that was both beautiful and revelatory, and … Continue reading

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Lessons: Framing

People often ask about composition, and how to take “the best” picture of a scene. And the answer I give is not very satisfactory to many people, because there are many “best” pictures of a scene. What drives you, and … Continue reading

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