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Rebecca’s House

A friend of mine has a vacation rental just north of Watkins Glen on NY 414, the west side of Seneca Lake. This is not an ad for her rental, but you can rent it through We’ve stayed there a … Continue reading

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Photo from the World: Moonrise over Port Ellen

You cannot, as a landscape photographer, ever title a piece “Moonrise …” without wondering if it lives up to Ansel Adams’ snapshot entitled “Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico.” Adams? A snapshot?! That’s right. He’s blasting down the highway, sees the scene, … Continue reading

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Places We Live: Condemned Building

I’m in the midst of some research, so this will be a quickie. I climbed through a hole in a fence and walked up the stairs in this small, square, concrete apartment building, and spent an hour or more going … Continue reading

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Places We Live: Rynek Głowny, Krakow

When considering photos for my Places We Live series, I ask whether the piece would ask a question of me, or fulfill a need. The questions they ask cover a broad range – “Could I live there?” or “Would I … Continue reading

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Beautiful Photo: One Technology, Multiple Uses

Windmills are pretty spectacular tools. From a distance, they dot the Dutch landscape, as reminders of a bygone era, when they were necessary to keep the Netherlands from flooding. Nowadays, they use electric pumping stations with massive augers to keep … Continue reading

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