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Making a Book Is Hard

I’ve talked a lot about my Wine for a Year project. I’ve posted a good numberĀ of pictures about it. I had thought I might do a book, so I wrote an intro to the project. And then, when I discovered … Continue reading

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Lessons: Framing

People often ask about composition, and how to take “the best” picture of a scene. And the answer I give is not very satisfactory to many people, because there are many “best” pictures of a scene. What drives you, and … Continue reading

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Lesson: Patience

Patience comes in many forms. Sometimes, patience demands that you wait days, weeks, months, or even years for something, working specifically toward a goal, or going through your life, waiting for a period of time to end. At other times, … Continue reading

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Lesson: (or maybe rant) Your Lens Hood

Many have heard me rant and rail about this subject. I’m sure my wife is tired of it. When you travel as much as I do, you see a lot of people with a lot of cameras that they’ve spent … Continue reading

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Lesson: Broken Fence

I don’t often go crazy in image processing, but this one demanded a lot of work. Had I been shooting film, I’d have wanted something like Bergger 200 or Fomapan 400, and I would have developed it in heavily-diluted Rodinal … Continue reading

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