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Racing, Pigeon Hills, PA, USA

Abstract Americana. A hot summer night, cars ripping around a 3/8 mile circle, kicking up the dust, making a racket almost as loud as a metal concert. I love auto racing. The environmentalist half of my psyche is offended by … Continue reading

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South Hills Golf Course, Hanover, PA, USA

My father-in-law works part time at South Hills. This gives me a lot of opportunity to ride around the course, taking pictures. I've always liked the symmetry of this set of bunkers as they move up the slope of the … Continue reading

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Quarterback Sneak

Imagine you’re 6’1" and weigh around 190. You’re a pretty big guy. Except that you’re tucking your head and diving into a wall of guys who are 6’4" and weigh around 260. Just wait until you’re a pro.

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The Best Part of the Game

I love watching the hike of the ball, the mad rush to establish position, the big guys down front working their asses off so a skinny guy who runs fast can get some glory (except when it’s the big guy … Continue reading

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Good Job #75

Luckily for #25, who deliberately let the ball go on the two (but most of his team didn’t notice and are giving him much love), one of his linemen noticed and picked the ball up to take it in for … Continue reading

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