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Lesson: Apertures and Shutter Speeds: Part I: Science and Philosophy

I was stumped for a subject for a post recently, so I put out a quick call on my personal Facebook for questions. And right off, of course, I was asked about aperture, shutter speed, and such, by a couple … Continue reading

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Beautiful Photo: Daisies in a Bowl

Every blog post should have words. Enjoy, then, this bowl full of floating daisies from Hanoi.  

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Lesson: Process for Punch

People often say they don’t process their digital images, thinking that it makes for a more pure experience of their photography. I disagree with that sentiment for a number of reasons. First, your camera is processing the images, whether you … Continue reading

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Ruminating among the Sunflowers

  My last few posts, sparse though they’ve been, have been about me gazing into my navel. I’m still doing that, and I still am not sure where to point my camera. For years I’ve been doing pretty landscapes and … Continue reading

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Getting very close and soft

  I’ve been exploring the inner pathways of my mind for the past few months, meaning to write a post…I am also behind on my newsletter by a couple months…but, of course, every delay means the next post needs to … Continue reading

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