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Adespota #365, Meteora, Greece

These homeless cats are some of the best-cared-for animals in Greece. They were clean, well-fed and very relaxed. It was surprising to see so many, as usually the homeless cats only collect like this at a cafe.

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Adespota, Thisio Metro Station, Athens, Greece

I've taken dozens of pictures of this guy, who lives at the Thisio Metro Station. I never quite get what I'm looking for…I don't expect that I'll come to the same tragic end as Cpt. Ahab, but for now, he's … Continue reading

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Adespota & Flower Bed, Thessaloniki, Greece

Usually when I'm photographing the adespota, I don't feel a great deal of pity. It isn't that I'm heartless, it's just that they usually look pretty healthy and relaxed about their situation. But this one, with the matted fur on … Continue reading

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Adespota & Electra Palace Hotel, Thessaloniki, Greece

The air temperature was about 35F, but the sun was nice and warm, and I imagine the grassy plot in front of the 5-star Electra Palace Hotel was quite comfortable.

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Adespota at Night, Athens, Greece

One evening waiting to meet someone at the Syntagma Metro station, I saw this dog watching the world roll by.

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