Beautiful Photo: Night in Bhutan

Night in Bhutan

Night in Bhutan

I’ve been going back to right some wrongs in my photo editing. I don’t want to make an amateur self-diagnosis, but while we were in Afghanistan, I became deeply, deeply unhappy, angry, confused, distressed, and it took a long time to pull out of that. In the end, I’ve become a better person than I was before going, but damn, if it wasn’t like driving across thousands of miles of unpaved land to get to the most beautiful landscape in the world.

Anyway, there were two of the vacations out of Kabul that I wish I’d been in a better mental state for. The first will be profiled on Saturday, when I do a Photo from the World, and the second was this trip to Bhutan. I loved Bhutan. I loved the people, the food, the land, even the religion (and that’s not something I often love). But my photos from the trip have never satisfied me. I couldn’t settle enough to make the thing I wanted to make, and I stopped trying to find good pictures in the mix. I’m diving back into them now, and finding some.

This one is going to be an element in a time-stacking experiment, in which multiple photos of one subject are stacked together to show movement over time. The trees and clouds were whipping around like crazy, and the stars were doing their usual stately wheel around the sleeping Earth (well, they were relatively stationary as we spun at 1600 kph, or 1000 mph). Should be an interesting project. In the mean time, enjoy this beautiful, May night in the first country to measure Gross National Happiness.

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