Beautiful: New Berries

New Berries

New Berries

Some days, you just have to go out and do something stupid. There were high winds and heavy rain predicted overnight, through the morning, into the afternoon, and even the next couple days. So I did what any sane person would do: got in the car at 6:00 am and drove an hour and a half to Konyári Pincezet in Balatonlelle, Hungary, to meet with Dániel Konyári and shoot some early grape clusters. I was hoping flowers might still be on the vines, but that ship has sailed for this year. That’s going to have be in my Wine for a Year pick-up shots next spring.

Driving down, the wind was crazy, blowing cars and trucks back and forth in their lanes, whipping up the trees, making beautiful patterns in the green wheat fields. It had even knocked a semi over on its side. As one friend asked, “Why didn’t you turn around and go back another day?” ‘Cause I’m always hopeful.

Got to Balatonlelle and the narrow alleys that lead up the hill to Konyári were filled with leaves, a few branches, rivers of sandy mud, and at least one sapling. The only person at work earlier than me was the groundskeeper, so I started walking among the vines, and I quickly realized that the closeups I wanted to get were going to be very, very difficult. The wind whipped the vines back and forth, breaking a few of them, and even when the vines and grapes weren’t blowing, they were vibrating from the force of the wind blasting across the trussing wires.

I was out for 45 minutes, and got 13 pictures that I think are worth a second look. However, in that second look, this is the only one that captured what I wanted, and even then, it’s not as crisp a picture as I’d like. And this is with flash, which usually freezes motion pretty well.

Finally accepting defeat, I went into the office and talked with Dáni for a while. He said they’d just finished bottling a white blend called Loliense (they also sell a red Loliense, and I can tell you that, though they sell for about $20/bottle here, they’d be in the $50 range in the US), and I should see the warehouse. And he was right…but you’ll have to come back tomorrow for that story.

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