Beautiful: Low-Key Still Life (Flowers)

Flower Still-Life

Flower Still-Life

On the recent trip through Central Europe, one of the places we stayed had low-key, black & white still lifes of random household objects, and I thought I should play with that a little. Now, I’ll admit, this photo is cheating a little…as it’s not a new one. I made it several years ago when living in Greece. Flowers were cheap and plentiful, and easy to pick up and haul around at the street markets, as I wheeled my massive cage o’ food through the market. And I was playing with lighting my photos with flashlights.

It has good elements to it, but I think I can do better, now that I have a clearer vision for the work. There’ll be a lot less light spillage onto neighboring flowers, and better set design for the flower arrangement itself. And, of course, different flowers. The gerbera daisies are gorgeous right now.

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2 Responses to Beautiful: Low-Key Still Life (Flowers)

  1. Rachel says:

    Over here, the gerbera daisies are also fabulous right now. And so long-lasting! My birthday flowers lasted nearly 2 weeks.

    • Brian Neely says:

      That is fantastic. I love it when flowers last a long time. We have orchids that have been in bloom for probably a month now. And three more plants that are in their dormant year. Hopefully they’ll give us something next year.

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