Beautiful: Diagonal Rail

You wouldn’t know it to watch me cook, or to look at my stacks of books, piles of papers, or by the clothes I wear, but I love minimalistic photos. I like having a single important element, and making my viewers engage with that element.

This is one such piece. Not that it matters at all in looking at the picture, but it was shot at Stirling Castle, in Scotland. Stirling overlooks Bannockburn, a key battleground in the First Scottish War of Independence on June 24th, 1314 (and had I but known that a couple weeks ago, this could have been a 700th anniversary post). Old, old buildings and objects move me. I love the sense that I’m walking on floors where famous dead people once walked, or looking at instruments used by famous dead people, or even not-famous dead people – it makes me feel connected to history, whether it’s physical history, or the history of thought, creativity, science, anything. Maybe I should do a week of old stuff, or a book, or a new project entirely.

Anyway, Stirling Castle, and the hill it sits on, had been a center of contention for more than 1000 years before Bannockburn, and probably for even longer. The crag it sits on dominates the landscape, and from it, even on a windy, stormy day at the end of December, you can see for miles. Nothing moves across the plain below in secret. Nothing. The English occupied it, and the Scots wanted to take it back, because it would give them dominance over the narrow stretch of land that opens into the Scottish Highlands.

Not that any of that is at all related to this photo. As I walked around Stirling Castle, taking pictures of this and that, I saw this beautiful, simple, geometric scene, and took a picture.

Stair Rail

And if you want to find it at, click here:×16-fine-art-color-photograph-contemporary-originals-and-limited-editions

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