An Intimate Rose

An Intimate Rose

An extreme closeup of a pink rose.

Working on this deceptively simple looking rose photo, I got to learn a new skill, and it wasn’t even one directly related to making the image beautiful. If you’ve been following me for a long time, you’ve probably noticed that I just recently started adding a copyright watermark to my photos. That was mostly laziness, and not knowing an easy way to do it. Lightroom, of course, has a very easy way – when you export the finalized image, just turn on the Add Watermark, and you can save several different styles. In Photoshop, though, short of making a set of images that have the same dimensions as my most common image sizes, and are nothing more than a line of text, or typing a line of text every time, I couldn’t figure out how to do it easily. Then I stumbled across a video showing me how to use the Action Recorder. It records whatever set of actions you do (in this case, typing and placing a text layer), which you save, and then whenever you need to do it again, you just find your saved action and hit Play. It’s beautiful. And for people who haven’t lived in fear or distaste of technology, it’s probably a well-known thing, but for a guy who hadn’t fully embraced digital photo technology until this past summer, it’s like a small miracle.

For the image itself, it’s an HDR rendering of 4 exposures. After combining them, I darkened some of the petals to focus your attention toward the center of the flower. To my mind, the petals that are in focus have the look of very delicate skin, with the veins looking much like blood vessels.

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