An Atheist’s Photo of a Monastery, Meteora, Greece

Although for many people, the monasteries are the big draw to Meteora, for me it's the cliffs themselves. Sixty million years ago, this was a lake bed. The lake drained in a cataclysm, and over the ensuing 60,000,000 years, wind and rain and rivers scoured the incredible layer of sediment, until we arrive at today's view.
Look, for just a moment, at how many layers of sand and rock and boulder and silt there are in that cliff! Your viewpoint is from several hundred feet below the lake's floor…think about how long that took to lay down before the drainage occurred. The crumbling wall of a monastery that's a couple hundred years old pales in comparison.

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  1. This is a wonderful photograph…sometimes it’s nice seeing things in a different perspective.

  2. BH Neely says:

    Thanks – that’s my goal.

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