As a diplomatic spouse, I couldn’t have chosen a better profession than Fine-Art Photographer. It’s an incredibly portable craft, and there’s a world of gorgeous subject matter out there.

With tours in Kazakhstan, Greece, Afghanistan, Hungary, my work has evolved to encompass stunning mountain ranges and open lands, archaeology and seascapes, and Old World cities. Along the way I have transitioned from being a never-gonna-shoot-digital analog photographer to an artist who embraces both film and digital media, and focused on making beautiful pieces with the equipment and materials at hand.

My most recent passion was for Hungarian wine expressed in a project called A Wine Filled Year, which yielded a book and an exhibition about the entire process of making wine. A Wine Filled Year took me all over Hungary to shoot (and participate in) the harvest and pressing of grapes in the autumn, and vine pruning in the late winter.

We’ve returned to live in Washington, DC for the first time in 10 years, and I’m looking forward the projects I can work on while we’re here. The first thing under consideration is an exploration of the landscapes of tributaries to the Potomac River.

Thank you very much for your visit.


  • A Wine Filled Year, Brody Studios, Budapest, Hungary, Spring 2015
  • Places We Live, Farger Kávézó, Budapest, Hungary, Spring 2014
  • Afghanistan Landscapes, a work in progress exhibited several times at US Embassy Kabul from Autumn 2010 to Spring 2012
  • Reveal w/ Andrew Caballero-Reynolds, A Show of Hands, Alexandria Virginia, Spring 2010
  • A (Rainy) Day in the Life of Athens, Group Exhibition at Artist’s Easel, Athens Greece, Autumn, 2009
  • Markets: Marco Polo to Markopoulo, US Embassy, Athens, Greece, Summer 2009
  • Adespota, Artist’s Easel, Athens Greece, Spring 2009
  • American Road Trip, US Embassy, Athens Greece, Spring 2008
  • Faces & Figures, Central Exhibition Hall, Almaty Kazakhstan, Spring 2006
  • 40 Images, Ular Gallery, Almaty, Kazakhstan, Winter 2005-2006

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