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As these things happen, ideas get modified. You put something out, you collaborate with people, they make suggestions. Sometimes, your ideas are solid, and your vision is complete, and you know it’s great, so you consider the suggestions, weigh them against your vision, and change nothing. Other times, one idea leads to another, then another, and so on, and the vision gets tweaked. At a certain point, you have to stop tweaking. The deadline is here, you know it’s a great project and you release it. The reason The Hobbit became three movies, rather than two, is that Peter Jackson had just way too much time to keep tweaking and poking at the story. I think it suffered somewhat for that, though the end product was pretty good.

A Wine Filled Year went through a tweaking process, though primarily in the title. The core of the vision still feels nearly perfect. At the start, when I first conceived the idea, I called it Year of Wine. I wasn’t in love with that, but it captured the basic idea. Then it became Wine for a Year, and remained thus for more than a year, because that has a nice sound to it. Then it came time to work on the Hungarian title. That started as … now I don’t remember exactly, but a literal translation, “A bor egy éve,” or something along those lines. Then a friend suggested, “Egy évem a borokkal,” or “My Year with Wines.” That had a nice ring to it, and when I shopped it around to other Hungarian friends, there were minor changes suggested, not enough to make a huge difference, until one of the winemakers I’ve worked with came in from a completely different direction, suggesting “Borral töltött év,” or “With Wine Filled Year.” It has the huge advantage of meaning both a year spent with wine, and a year literally filled up with wine, and it carries a slightly tarnished feeling that the author may have been drunk for a year. (He was not, though there were many occasions on which he perhaps tasted a glass or two too many.)

I was sticking with Wine for a Year as my English title until my graphic designer, working on the cover, making at least 15 versions (that I saw) of it, had the epiphany to make the English the same as the Hungarian. Thus the title has become A Wine Filled Year. Yes, grammatically, it needs a hyphen, and the grammarian in me feels stung every time I ignore the hyphen key when typing the title, but for graphic purposes, it just looks better on the cover without punctuation. It’s the same reason my working name is Brian H Neely, rather than Brian H. Neely – it just looks better, cleaner. (The middle initial is necessary, because among the 111 Brian Neelys in the US are 2 photographers, and there has been confusion before. I don’t think the other one is still active, but his work shows up in searches.)

A Wine Filled Year/Borral töltött év will be released on April 9th, with a pre-release sale beginning March 11th on my Etsy page – www.etsy.com/shop/PhotosFromTheWorld. You’ll have the opportunity to buy the book with no shipping charges (for international shipping!) and bundle it with an 8×10″ (20×25 cm) print at reduced cost.

But enough chatter (and be sure to visit my designer’s page at www.andrewsipe.com):

A Wine Filled Year

A Wine Filled Year

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