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Lesson: Composition

This is going to be a quickie – I’m in Prague right now, sitting in the hotel, waiting for my turn at the shower before heading out to a day of museums and galleries. Good composition is critical to making … Continue reading

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Photo from the World: The Wind

Hiking in the Tatras Mountains, I was blown away by the devastation that wind can cause amongst evergreen trees. In the cycle of life, it’s just a thing – the blown over trees lose their lives, but their rotting carcasses … Continue reading

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Beautiful: Cliff & Trees Silhouette

Clearly I’m having a silhouette problem these days. The reason they never really go out of style is that they always look good. Like a little black dress or wingtips.

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Photographer Profile: Laura McCarthy

I met Laura McCarthy a few years ago in Athens, Greece. She was a teenager with a passion for photography who was visiting her aunt, who worked with my wife. Her aunt knew that I both gave photography lessons and … Continue reading

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Lessons: White Balance Settings

When shooting in JPEG mode, even if you make no adjustments to contrast control or other presets through your camera’s menu, your camera company makes certain assumptions about how photos ought to look and has base settings for color, contrast, … Continue reading

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