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Goats I, Meteora, Greece

This is a rather unremarkable picture of Meteora, but for one thing. The goats. See the little dots near the cave in the middle of the shot? Come back tomorrow, it'll be a closer picture.

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Do we really eat this?, Athens, Greece

The caterers were asked to include American junk food in their selection of delicacies for the July 4 party. I think it's telling that it was ignored, except as an art project by a tired, bored, overheated, checking-his-watch-because-10-pm-is-in-about-three-minutes-photographer.

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I know why the caged peach sings, Athens, Greece

The caterer for the embassy's July 4 celebration had these odd installations at several of the serving tables. I couldn't ignore this abuse of peachiness. Okay, they're nectarines, not peaches, but "nectarine" wouldn't fit in the title.

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Roses, Corfu, Greece

In the lawn at the front of the Achilleion Palace in Corfu is a small rose garden. Down below, 14-year-old Achilles looks at his ankle.

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The Triumph of Achilles, Corfu, Greece

So Achilles killed Hector and was dragging him around the plain in front of Troy. This dramatic painting by Franz Matsch is huge, spanning the landing of a grand staircase with wings. But what makes it most interesting is that … Continue reading

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