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Enemy Scarves, Athens, Greece

On a recent photo shoot at the airport, I stumbled across a souvenir shop catering to everyone. Seeing these football (soccer) scarves next to each other so casually is like seeing Red Sox & Yankees gear side-by-side, only with the … Continue reading

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Cliffs, Meteora, Greece

Wow. Sometimes even the verbose are reduced to monosyllabic exhortations. Wow.

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Heaps of Hillocks, Meteora, Greece

Looking down into a valley at Meteora I was struck by the odd shapes and the beautiful shadows the hillocks made on each other. The cliffs throughout Meteora have a look to them that always makes me feel as though … Continue reading

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An Atheist’s Photo of a Monastery, Meteora, Greece

Although for many people, the monasteries are the big draw to Meteora, for me it's the cliffs themselves. Sixty million years ago, this was a lake bed. The lake drained in a cataclysm, and over the ensuing 60,000,000 years, wind … Continue reading

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Goats II, Meteora, Greece

See? Goats! This was shot with the Nikkor 500mm f/8 reflector lens. On the D200 its relative focal length is 750mm. It's a small telescope, essentially. I promise the rest of the Meteora pictures you'll see for the next few … Continue reading

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