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Out of circulation for a bit

I am away from a reliable internet connection for a while, so I won't be updating until sometime around July 1. Things are very exciting for me right now. I'm doing some photography of minor historical significance, the details of … Continue reading

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Tomatoes, Markopoulo, Greece

People who know me know that I don't suffer from a great deal of false modesty. This is one of the best photographs I've ever made. Tell me you don't feel like you can reach into this and grab one … Continue reading

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Fish at the Laiki, Markopoulo, Greece

I'm putting together an exhibition called: Markets: Marco Polo to Markopoulo, which includes pieces shot at the Kashgar Sunday Market in western China and the weekly folk market in Markopoulo, Greece. Most of the photographs in the impending exhibition are … Continue reading

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Spin Toys, ?, Greece

I don't remember where I took this. It was February 3rd of this year, and I emailed it to myself from my phone, so that means I didn't have my camera along, so we were probably going to dinner somewhere … Continue reading

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Feeding an Adespota Cat, Markopoulo, Greece

I'm working on a series of street market photos, with a small exhibition in mind for next month. The series is called Markets: Marco Polo to Markopoulo, with pieces shot around the world. In Kashgar, China, I went to a … Continue reading

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