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Fire Starter, Megalo Papingo, Greece

Who needs tinder and small branches? This was right next to our table in the taverna.

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Papigo (or Papingo), Greece

Amongst the things I never imagined I'd see in Greece are mountains with this much snow. It isn't glacial, though it sort of has that look. This will all be gone in a couple weeks, but throughout the winter, the … Continue reading

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Athinas Street, Athens, Greece

It's like a Chubby & Tubby store exploded onto the sidewalk.

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Window Reflection, Athens, Greece

I recently took a photo walk along Athinas Street between Monastiraki and the Central Market. It's an area that I love, because it's a purely working neighborhood in Athens, but it's so close to and between so many tourist areas … Continue reading

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Wine Glasses, Athens, Greece

I've told you before about how a lot of my very part-time job involves standing around waiting, and, being a photographer, I fill that time with photography. I keep trying to work out a way to get the layout of … Continue reading

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