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All organic, Athens, Greece

"Our products are eponymously [but that doesn’t make sense and I’m too lazy to go to the other room and get a dictionary] and healthfully organic from a controlled farm. Product of Nafplio. Christos Kallianos."Now, at the market, I generally … Continue reading

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Panormou Laiki (again), Athens, Greece

It was nice of the vendor to have stacked his eggplant in such a photographically-useful way.

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Panormou Laiki, Athens, Greece

The in-laws are in town and we took them to the laiki in Panormou. They had a good time. Pops making faces at vendors, Fritzie looking at all the fruits and vegetables. I had my camera, so I had a … Continue reading

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marketing card

Perhaps you’ve noticed that I’ve been somewhat absent from my blog. This is among the things that have kept me busy. I’m not a graphic designer by profession, and I doubt I’ll get any calls to do that, but hopefully … Continue reading

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Eggs Hollandaise, Athens, Greece

I don’t know why, but I was moved to try making Hollandaise sauce this morning. It was good. And by good, I mean, "Holy crap, there were egg yolks mixed with butter on my eggs, bacon and biscuits."

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