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Soooooo not impressed

Dude, I’ve lived in Montmartre my entire 5 years. It’s just a neighborhood. Get over it.

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Notre Dame

There were no guys with gold helmets (’cause nobody’s ever told that joke), but the cathedral is quite impressive. Apparently, it’s a famous gothic building with impressive renditions of flying buttresses and gargoyles and the like. Whatever it is, it’s … Continue reading

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One more of the Eiffel Tower

I shot something like 800 frames in Paris, and many of them weren’t the Tower, so I’ll leave you with this to close out that subject (I know it’s only 2 shots, but maybe I’ll show another later).

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La Tour Eiffel

I once derided some people on a photography forum for creating pinhole lenses for their dSLRs using their cameras’ body caps. I thought it odd that you would have this incredibly smart piece of technology, with 150 years of knowledge … Continue reading

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Bushes in the retaining wall

There’s something beautiful and melancholy about the number of plants growing from sidewalks, retaining walls and other locations in Athens. It serves to make the city seem alive, unlike in other places, where it seems to make cities look like … Continue reading

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