Monthly Archives: December 2007

Fremont Bridge Troll

In Seattle, there’s a scary monster who eats VW Bugs and has homeless people living behind his head.

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Catching cotton

When clouds or mist or fog drift across a bed of evergreens, it looks like green and white velcro, or bits of cotton stuck in the branches. Happy Xmas Eve.

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Lost in the Wilderness

When I saw this image, I couldn’t believe it was one I had shot from a road. It has the look of a lost-in-the-mountains picture. A storm’s moving in and you’re about to get very, very cold. This is my … Continue reading

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One problem with digital

I’ve enhanced the dark tones of this shot to show you the great hazard of digital photography. Dust. Dust. Dust. Now, dust can be a problem with film, but this is ridiculous. If this were a piece of film, I … Continue reading

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Mt. Si

Why do Washingtonians love their state and their region? Mt. Si is a good place to start looking. This dramatic hill always manages to catch the clouds and look exciting. At about 4000 feet, it’s nearly as tall as the … Continue reading

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