Monthly Archives: August 2007

Polished marble

  When it’s 108, and you don’t much feel like standing in the sun to take pictures, what do you shoot?

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Construction Fence

  Perhaps you’ve seen the shot from a few days ago with the masterless dogs? Sometimes they leave …stuff… on the street. I stepped in …stuff… to make this picture. Oh the pain and sacrifice I make for art.

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Um, waiter…

  It’s 105F, and I can’t drink my @#$@% OJ until I get rid of the hornet. But first, a picture.

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Fuchsia? Purple? Metallic lavender?

I liked the purple tour buses.

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Getting the best man

  The band is heading to the best man’s hotel to pick him up, so he can go back to help the groom get ready for his wedding this evening. Later, he’ll head over to the bride’s village to kidnap … Continue reading

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